Thursday, August 9, 2007


Hip Hop was definitely in the house at SOB's (NYC)!!!!!

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Chuck D and Dana Dane

Chuck D and Dana Dane at the Remote Lounge in NYC. Wonder Twinz Connex List new issue magazine release party.

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Taking pics after the party @ SOB's

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Mecca/Wyclef event: Clef on the mic

Wyclef takes the mic and hits us with a few of his oldies. 
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5Ft. of Black Moon, Where's he been?!!!!

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Where has he been? You here from Buck Shot here and there, and Evil Dee, but 5? Last thing I remember, he had some legal problems, but I'm happy to see him out and about.

Mecca aka Grimo/Wyclef event at SOB's

Mecca aka Grimo, the hot, new, Haitian, Brooklyn born rapper, takes command of the stage. The ladies love him as well, but don't let his looks fool you, his lyrics will command your respect. 
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

U.N.V., remeber this group?

Do you remember the group U.N.V. (Universal Nubian Voices) the foursome (a very cute foursome by the way!!) came out in 1993 with their album "Something's Goin' On" with the single by the same name. This was the year for so much goooood R&B music, Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, SWV, just a few to name. Check this video out!!!