Saturday, January 6, 2007

Actress Maia Campbell....Naked?!!

I was on YouTube checking the view amount on a video of mine when I noticed a video advertised on the sidebar, “Maia Campbell Makes Video on Crack”. I immediately clicked on the video both in shock of the caption and in total disbelief, either way I watched it. While watching Maia make a complete fool of herself, singing Ashanti’s “Foolish” naked, I couldn’t help but think “Wow, the men who filmed this trying to make her look like an a** are the real a**holes”.

Maia Campbell is the daughter of famed author Bebe Moore Campbell who recently died last year in November of Cancer, and she also played a role in hit television show “In the House” starring LL Cool J. Also, there have been reports that Maia has been mentally unstable, plus she is a beautiful, talented, struggling actress. How can people be so mean spirited, evil, and greedy? How can you exploit someone who is obviously suffering and hurt? What are you trying to push her further over the edge? All of this for the sake of monetary gain.

Anyone in the TV/film industry knows that a good, worthy part is hard to come by with so much talent out there. Scripts are even harder to come by for a woman of color (Black, Latina, Asian), and extra hard if you do not have the “Halle Berry” color “friendly” look. Videos like this one can ruin a woman’s career, just ask Vanessa Williams. Vanessa won the Miss America title in the 80’s but was stripped of her crown when she posed for Playboy.

On the flip side, if Maia Campbell was Paris Hilton she would then be a talent less, pointless, superstar. Paris doesn’t even know why she’s a star. Unfortunately this is the society that we live in and I can only pray for her.

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